Chemical Recycling for the Circular Economy: Transforming Plastic Waste into Virgin-Quality Plastics

by Carlos Monreal, CEO, Plastic Energy

We will discuss how Plastic Energy’s patented chemical recycling technology transforms end-of-life plastic waste into new virgin-quality plastics and also outline the opportunities for value-chain collaborations, and how these can contribute to a more circular economy for plastics, and a reduction in plastic waste.


Carlos Monreal has significant experience as a CEO. Engineer by training he has been a serial entrepreneur for more than 30 years and was the founder and CEO of Inlandgeo, a company supplying high tech electronic instruments and turnkey solutions in multiple industries for 24 years, and later President of Abasol for seven years. This company offered consultancy and EPC solutions on renewable energy and efficiency.
Carlos is also founder and CEO of Greenland Capital, a company with the vision to identify and develop disruptive technologies that provide sustainable and economical solutions to the growing challenges of waste and water management and alternative energy management.

Plastics Energy offers a global and sustainable solution to help prevent plastic pollution, by transforming previously unrecyclable plastic waste into a valuable resource.

Plastic Energy Limited is the world’s leading chemical recycling company with its technology HQ in central London and industrial plants in Almeria and Seville, Spain. The company has a viable and proven solution to the global problem of plastic waste pollution. With their patented technology, they can transform end-of-life plastic waste destined for landfill and incineration, or that are leaked to the ocean into various recycled oils – TACOIL – that can be used as a feedstock to create clean recycled plastics and contribute to a circular economy (Plastic2Plastic).

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