Circularity PET/Polyester evolution or revolution?

by Maurizio Crippa, gr3n SA (video interview)

The presentation is focused on microwave assisted chemical recycling process able to up-cycle the PET/polyester. The chemical recycling is not presented as one of the recycling methods but as a complementary technology to the mechanical recycling. The beneficial effect of this synergy is the potential terrific increase of the recycling rate because the chemical recycling is able to deal with contaminated and complicated packaging and garments.


Maurizio Crippa, PhD in Materials Science, CEO, founder and inventor of the gr3n technology. I worked many years in academia where I have had the chance to accumulate a wide-ranging academic and research experience in solid state physics, organic and inorganic chemistry with special regard to the development of functional and structural materials such as organic materials for opto-electronic, conductive polymers and hybrid inorganic materials for different applications. After years spent creating new materials I switched my interests on providing technological solutions to solve environmental issues.

gr3n developped a microwave assisted depolymerization able to up-cycle the of PET/polyester, packaging or textile either way. The company is following the classic technology development from the lab scale to the demo plant under construction and expected to run from the 1st quarter of the next year.

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