Challenges and opportunities in molecular recycling of reversible polymers

by Josse Kunst, Kiduara BV

Is Molecular Recycling Economy’s Hottest Ticket or Toxic Tech Disguised as the Solution? Let’s look specifically at the molecular recycling of reversible polymers such as polyester, polyamide 6 and polylactic acid


About Josse Kunst

Josse Kunst is a circular economy entrepreneur. He has lived and worked in China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and The Netherlands and has 25+ years business experience in more than 60 countries worldwide. After leading DSM’s circular economy initiative Niaga® for 4 years he has recently founded his own company Kiduara (Swahili for ‘small circles’), in which he focusses on molecular recycling, designing with advanced bio based materials and impact investing in early stage circular start-ups.

About Kiduara BV

Kiduara’s passion is to connect entrepreneurs in Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific to implement fully circular businesses profitable for all people involved.
Kiduara does this by providing new perspectives in using material science, manufacturing technology, product design and novel business models.

About Plastic Waste 2 Plastic Conference

The conference focuses on turning waste plastic via pyrolysis /chemical recycling into new plastics competing with plastics made from virgin fossil oil. This will change the current recycling value chain into a new sustainable ecosystem.

The new ecosystems contains the following steps in the materials cycle:

  • End of life Plastic Waste Stream Collection
  • Cleaning, Sorting and Separation
  • Recycling
    • Chemical recycling
    • Thermal and Thermochemical recycling / Pyrolysis
  • Processing of recycled materials (plastics and chemicals)
  • Production of recycled plastic materials
  • Reuse of the newly created plastics in applications
  • End of life plastic waste stream collection

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