Video interview with Maurizio Crippa

Since this conference is part of the Sustainable Materials series, speakers of this conference are being interviewed on JakajimaTV, the online TV channel of Jakajima on Youtube.

Maurizio Crippa is CEO of Gr3n and will be speaking at the chemical recycling session during the conference.

Watch the video with Maurizio Crippa below.

Go to the conference program for an overview of all the speakers.

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gr3n invented a new process which allows for the first time to recycle PET bottles/food containers chemically in a profitable way.

gr3n developed an innovative process, based on a new application of microwave technology to a well known chemical reaction which provides for the first time with an economically efficient chemical recycling process of PET (Polyethylene Terephtalate) and allows an industrial implementation of this recycling method. This new process can potentially change how PET is recycled worldwide with a huge financial benefit for the recycling industry.

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