Circular Plastics – Options, Threats and Opportunities for the European Petrochemicals and Plastics Industry


Decarbonization and circular economy – the two megatrends – are reshaping the European petrochemicals and plastics Industry. The presentation will share insights on how these two megatrends are influencing and reshaping the European and Dutch petrochemicals and plastics industries. The insights have significant relevance for the Dutch chemical clusters. The talk will share the 2030 scenarios on plastics production and consumption flows in the Netherlands with potential opportunities, risks, and scale of different recycling technologies – mechanical, pyrolysis, gasification, dissolution, etc.

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Thermo chemical recycling of plastic waste

presentation by Berend Vreugdenhil, Senior Scientist, TNO, at ONLINE Plastic Waste 2 Plastic Conference, 09 November 2020, 12:00 – 16:15 Central European Time (CET). Register here to attend.

Waste recycling is key for our future energy system. Today, most of the recycling is done mechanically and the percentages are not too high. The matter of the fact is that with mechanical recycling alone we will not be able to reduce our fossil fuel dependency.

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Opportunities for Thermochemical recycling of plastic waste

gerard van der laan

by Gerard van der Laan, Program Manager Circular Plastics, TNO

The presentation of TNO/Brightsite will provide an holistic view of the future plastics. In detail, we will show the current status of thermochemical recycling technologies for plastic waste and new recycling routes like MIlena Thermal Cracking for plastic and mixed waste streams.

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